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Web School Manager has been developed by an expert team which has 20+ years of application development experience. WSM is backed by unmatched service provided by the most dedicated team which believes that growth of WSM is dependent on customer satisfaction. We understand that by choosing WSM, you will be giving our team a chance to prove its ability.

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Fast implementation

Painless data migration from most platforms


Easy to use

Minimal training required, even for less savvy users



Most aspects of Web School Manager are configurable to suit your needs


Great Support

Friendly and professional staff who are ready to help you

About Us

Why Web School Manager?

Most RELIABLE School Management Software

Gone are the days when the school stakeholders had to put in loads of efforts and hours to accomplish petty school management errands. Prospective Educational institutes demand organized, error free management to flourish. To meet this need to the fullest, we present the top of the best, easy to use school management software, Web School Manager, loaded with comprehensive features to cater in all possible vital needs of the school stake holders.

Because of the unmatched, comprehensive range of dynamically functional features WSM offer, it is gradually becoming popular in schools, residential schools and other educational institutions.

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