Best School Management Software

Best School Management Software for schools in Punjab

Managing a school in this digital era means new challenges every time, new learning methods, & new tools which makes it more complex. The educational institutes must match steps with new-age technology. To maintain the balance between new technology & the authentic side of learning, Web School Manager software is a perfect answer!

Best School Management Software for schools

Need for adopting school management software:

  • An all-inclusive school management software offers various benefits for the school management system.
  • Hassle-free management.
  • Cost, energy, & resource-efficient as it reduces the tiresome tasks & manual work.
  • Keeps all stakeholders- students, administration & parents on the same page with regular updates.
  • Security and safety of the information.

What does Web School Manager offer?

Here are a few features which Web School Manager offers:
  • Student Registration - This module allows the students from different areas to register & enquire with the school easily. Once the student has registered, irrespective of whether he/she takes admission, the school administration can follow up easily with the registered information.
  • Fee Management - It brings all the stakeholders to one place, records due fees or late payment of fees by the students & also keeps track of the Funds management. One can also create a Payment Gateway or Detailed reports of fees.
  • Inventory Management - racks & maintains records of resources and items available in the school such as stationery, uniforms, or books making it faster & easier than done manually.
  • School Van Tracking - Track the location of the school van through the use of live trackers. It enhances the security of students by providing real-time location of school vans available to the parents & the school administration.
  • Principal Dashboard - A module that allows data security and recovery by restricting unauthorized access to sensitive data. It can be the personal information of stakeholders, students' information, etc.

Web School Manager is one of the reliable & Best School Management Software that many have already trusted. It's time to take the burden off your shoulders & invest that time in something more productive while we take care of petty school management errands.

Our software comes with many more features like Financial Accounting, Salary Management, Time table management, online fee collection, Digital result card, Gate pass, Mobile app, SMS communication & much more. To learn more please visit OR call 91 88722 33234.